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Welcome to the Flip Side Records website!! We are pleased to present to you extensive listings of hard to find items (in all formats) at reasonable prices!! We too are record collectors and music fans. We've spent many years now dealing with new and used music of all kinds. We come by our expertise by a lengthy process. We started out dealing records on the street. We've combed the region for yard sales, junk shops and flea markets. We've worked in a number of used record stores. We topped that off by working as buyer and manager in several new music stores. We do, of course, have our favorite artists and genres. Our overall focus, however, is much broader than personal taste. It is our continuing intention to offer quality items in all styles of music spanning the history of recorded music.

In May 1996, we opened our store in Brookline, Massachusetts. The reaction from collectors, dealers and the general public has been overwhelmingly favorable since then. We believe we know why. From the outset, our ongoing reputation for fairness has been an overriding concern.

In a way, this website is an outgrowth of our mail order business. As a result of our auctions and set sales on eBay, and, we've made friends all over the world. We're proud of our eBay profile with thousands of positive feedbacks (feel free to view them under the ID, or click on the "Auction Items" link on our main page of this website. This will also allow you to see any current auctions we are running on eBay.) We will continue to bend over backwards to insure fair grading, fair prices and accurate representation our merchandise. The items offered here on our website are special items distinguished by unusually fine condition (cover, disc or both), promotional release status or moderate to extreme rarity. Notwithstanding minor flaws (if any), the overall appearance of each item is striking enough of Flip Side to set it aside for mail order. Our guiding principle here is to offer only items of quality that we ourselves would accept for our personal collections.

In January, 2006, Flip Side Records relocated to the warmer climes of Reston, Virginia. (We must say that we were touched by the massive outpouring of support from our Brookline customers and friends during our final months in Massachusetts.) Flip Side continues as a strictly online business (SORRY, NO DROP-INS), with the same goals of high quality and service. Long range goals are to open a new brick and mortar store in the Fairfax, Virginia/Washington, DC area. We appreciate your interest, your business and your comments. We're always adding new items, so please visit us again soon!!

Yours truly,

Ron Scaffidi - Owner


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