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  • Allen, Marty & Steve Rossi-Meet the Great Society- LP- mono-Merc MG21015 - LBJ/Great Society parody, 1960's - (NM-/EXC+) - $5- Order

  • Barner, Bill-Warm Patter for a Hot Platter- LP- stereo-Duo Records D1 - piano playing comic - (NM/NM) - $6- Order

  • Berman, Shelly-Outside- LP- mono-Verve MGV15007 - 1960 33 1/3 RPM LP by comedian, Shelly Berman. 2nd album by Berman, and remains a classic. LP was a huge success at the time. Copy at hand has Near Mint cover, and Mint disc in original plastic inner sleeve. - (NM/M) - $5.99- Order

  • Berns, Bernie-Goes to Washington- LP- mono-Jubilee JGM2047 - Jewish humor, 1963(?), Camelot with a Jewish accent - (SS) - $6- Order

  • Bonzo Dog Band-Let's Make Up and Be Friendly- 8-Track- Stereo-U8415 - 1972 release. British comedy/rock featuring Viv Stanshall & Neil Innes (member of the "Rutles"!) With original cartoon cover of dog grooming himself with mirror. Includes "Don't Get Me Wrong", "King of Scurf" & "Turkeys". Small drill hole in spine (cutout?). With original protective clip. Cover is clean- leader is mint, seems essentially unused! - (NM/NM) - $10- Order

  • Carroll, Eddie-On Fraternity Row- LP- mono-Duo Records D3 - with the Kidney Stone Trio, novelty songs & spoken routines, with original catalog insert & sheet hyping stereo process - (NM/NM) - $5- Order

  • Carter, Joey-Little Belly Laughs- LP- mono-Epic LN3801 - - (NM-/NM) - $6- Order

  • Chipmunks-Let's All Sing With The Chipmunks- LP- stereo-Liberty LST 7132 - small tear on back cover, front cover is nice, rare 1st cover with original "realistic" images of Chipmunks, 1959 - (EXC+/M) - $9.99- Order

  • Cosby, Bill-Grover Henson Feels Forgotten- 45- mono-UNI 55223 - Approx. 1969 45 RPM seven inch release by comedian, Bill Cosby. Promo-only disc, featuring the same track on both sides-a somewhat bizarre monologue about a soldier in Vietnam named Grover Henson. This copy is MINT and unplayed. - (MINT) - $4.99- Order

  • Cosby, Bill-Super Special For Radio- LP- Stereo-Motown PR110 - 1982 release, white label promo-only Radio DJ LP featuring material from Bill Cosby's album & movie, "Himself." What distinquishes this promo LP from the movie and record is the fact that here bits and segemnts are available in multiple lengths. Side 1 features "cut-ups" (a special 15 minute radio show) and "short shorts" (selected tracks edited for radio), and side 2, "short cuts," a collection of short routines. See image below for complete track list. Cover looks great, showing only very minor wear. Vinyl is Mint! Cool Cosby promo item!
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    - (NM/M) - $5.99- Order

  • Doud, Earle & Alen Robin-Welcome to the LBJ Ranch!- LP- stereo-Cap SW2423 - punch hole - (SS) - $7- Order

  • Guy, Billy-The Tramp is Funky- LP- stereo-Snake Eyes/All Platinum SE 9000 - 1972 33 1/3 RPM LP release by Billy Guy. Guy was best-known as a vocalist for The Coasters (he sang lead on "Searchin'", "Little Egypt", etc.) In this X-rated comedy LP, Guy assumes the persona of the "Funky Tramp" and regales the audience with anecdotal dirty stories and proto-rap rhymes! Disc was released by the All Platinum Record company, which was released LP's by sweet Soul groups like the Moments & the Whatnauts. LP is still factory SEALED in original shrinkwrap. Cover is perfect inside shrink, and disc within is, of course, MINT and unplayed. Rare African-American party record.
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    - (SEALED) - $4.99- Order

  • Kaplan, Gabriel-Holes & Mello Rolls- LP- stereo-ABC ABC0905 - WLP, cut corner, star of "Welcome Back Kotter", cover shot features John Travolta also, press kit with glossy photo & bio sheet is included!! - (EXC+/NM-) - $10- Order

  • Katz, Mickey-Mickey Katz Plays Music for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Brisses- LP- Mono-Capitol T1021 - (Approx.) 1956 release, 33 1/3 RPM LP by bandleader, clarinetist and comedian Mickey Katz. Tracks include "Grandma's Draidel", "Trombonik Tanz" & "Mazeltov Dances." Cover is impressively clean and Near Mint. Disc (turquoise label original) is clean, glossy and Near Mint.
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    - (NM/M) - $11.99- Order

  • Lawrence, Eddie-The Garden Of...- LP- mono-Signature SM1003 - front cover is quite clean, back cover has faded strip, disc has unplayed appearance, hard to find 1st LP - (EXC+/M) - $40- Order

  • Lehrer, Tom-Songs By- LP- mono-Decca UK LF1311 - orig UK 10" rel, has different cover with cartoon parody of newspaper, cover would be NM but for small piece missing near center right - (VG+/NM) - $11.99- Order

  • Mad Magazine-Makin' Out- 45- stereo- - 33 1/3 flexdisc, originally sold as bonus with Mad Magazine in 1978. Also includes several cutouts from the original, including the written lyrics for the song.
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    - (EXC+) - $4.99- Order

  • Mad Magazine/Mike Russo (flexidisc record)-She Lets Me Watch Her Mom and Pop Fight- 45- mono-no label listed-no stock number - 1962 33 1/ 3 RPM flexidisc record. Record came free w/Mad Magazine, to promote the (great!) LP, "Fink Along With Mad" the 2nd of the Mad LP's parodying Rock n Roll. Record is a paper 5 1/4" X 5 1/4" "flexidisc", w/plastic coating containing the music. Vocalist is Mike Russo, an unknown, but excellent singer who really has the style down. Song tells story of a guy with a great girlfriend who lets him watch the action when Dad comes home with only half his check! ("We split a candy bar,& watch WWIII, it's got the next year's beat to heck!"). Condition of the disc is decent, showing some creasing & very minor corner peeling. Disc plays fine with moderate to heavy surface noise-still listenable. This copy is actually the nicest we have seen in some years. In addition to the music, disc has great Mad Magazine graphics w/2 images of Alfred E. Newman!
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    - (VG+) - $4.99- Order

  • Mark IV-I Got a Wife/Ah-Ooo-Gah- 45- mono-Mercury 71403 - 1959 45 RPM 7" release by The Mark IV (Roman numerals for four/4). A side (a 50's Rock and Roll novelty tune) was a #24 Pop hit for the group. B-side is another humorous group vocal Rock number. Black label silver print Mercury first press. Near Mint in clean vintage Mercury sleeve. - (NM) - $5.99- Order

  • Mason, Jackie-I'm the Greatest Comedian in the World...- LP- mono-Verve V15033 - his 1st LP, "S" stamped on back cover - (SS) - $10- Order

  • Nelson, Christine-Did'ja Come to Play Cards or to Talk?- LP- stereo-Reprise 6209 - small rivet in top left corner, best known for dueting with Allen Sherman on "Sarah Jackman" (also feat on this LP) - (SS) - $8- Order

  • Paar, Jack-The Best of What's His Name- LP- mono-Ramrod R8001 - promo giveaway LP, box of "Jiffy Sew" has been removed from back cover resulting in cover tears, front cover is nice - (EXC/M) - $6- Order

  • Reilly, Betty-Caught in the Act- LP- mono-Unique ULP118 - 3" seam split, blonde singing comedienne, sexy photo on cover, feat "The Balllad of Elvis Presley - (EXC+/EXC+) - $12- Order

  • Reilly, Betty-The Explosive- LP- mono-Goldentone C4067 - budget reissue of "Caught In the Act" minus four tracks, feat "The Ballad of Elvis Presley - (SS) - $8- Order

  • Rivers, Joan-Next to Last Joan Rivers Album LP Sampler- 45- mono-Buddah SP 13 - 33 1/3 seven inch EP release by comedian, Joan Rivers. Promo-only disc, with small center hole which samples 11 tracks from her Buddah album "The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album", Disc comes in a crisp Buddah sleeve with no picture sleeve. Contains 13 min of material, including "Cooking?", "Diamond Songs", and "Stewardesses". Light mark on B side. A side is clean. - (EXC) - $4.99- Order

  • Sahl, Mort-The Future Lies Ahead- LP- mono-Verve MGV 15002 - 1958 33 1/3 RPM LP release by ground-breaking political comedian, Mort Sahl. This was Sahl's first LP to be released, and it-along with the work of Lenny Bruce-was an important milestone in the evolution of "comedy". The following is quoted from the All Music Guide website: "The Future Lies Ahead, his first record, contains classic Sahl material and attacks a number of his pet pariahs. Sahl cracks jokes on his ultra-conservative landlady ("a member of the DAR and the Anti-United Nations League"), his Korean military experience ("World War Two and Half"), and the absurdity of air defense drills. He closes, and brings down the house, with his best-known routine where a group of bank robbers, studied in psychotherapy, offer excuses for their criminal natures. Insightful and acerbic, the album delivers what its cover promises: "Mort Sahl, Iconoclast." Cover is extremely clean with no writing, stains, tears, etc, but does show some ringwear at center page on front & back. Disc (in crisp original Verve inner sleeve), is clean, glossy and MINT, looking unplayed.
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    - (EXC/M) - $4.99- Order

  • Stevens, Ray-Greatest Hits- LP- quad-Barnaby ZQ30770 - 1971 rel - (NM/NM) - $12- Order

  • Tiny Tim-I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop/What The World Needs- 45- mono-Reprise 0867 - Nice white label promo copy! - (EXC+) - $4.99- Order

  • Various Artists-Celebrities...At Their Worst! (Vol 1)- CD- mono-no label-no catalogue number - Two disc compact disc set compiled by Nick Bougas. Set consists of 2 1/2 hours of audio bloopers, outtakes, and other miscellaneous recordings of American celebrities talking some serious trash. Due to the risque nature of the material, this CD was never sold in stores and was distributed in a highly limited edition, now out of print. Generally speaking, each track on this set is from a different source. Many of them are outtakes from TV, radio, & commercial work by the various artists. Each track has a different story, and there are too many for us to relate individually, but we will describe a few. Disc one starts out with an inebriated John Wayne addressing a collegiate ROTC audience. While taping a commercial, many of these celebrities lose their tempers and get pretty foul with their directors, including Orson Welles, Jack Palance, Zsa Zsa Gabor, & Mickey Rooney. Tim Conway & Carol Burnette get bawdy while working on a TV skit. Don Messick & June Foray (voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel) get down & dirty clowning around in the studio. There are some shocking moments here too-for example when Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin start tossing less than friendly sounding racial slurs at Sammy Davis Jr, who tries to laugh them off. There is a candid recording of legendary drummer, Buddy Rich, getting unbelievable ugly with his hired bandmates. Lionel Barrymore tells a hilarious story about how he won a bear in a card game when drunk, then took it back to his hotel room. Wild stuff indeed! Tracklist: Disc One 1-1 –John Wayne Untitled 1-2 –Jack Palance Untitled 1-3 –Zsa Zsa Gabor Untitled 1-4 –Col. Harland Sanders* Untitled 1-5 –Orson Welles Untitled 1-6 –Orson Welles Untitled 1-7 –Mickey Rooney Untitled 1-8 –William Shatner Untitled 1-9 –William Shatner Untitled 1-10 –Louis Nye Untitled 1-11 –Carol Burnett Untitled 1-12 –Tim Conway Untitled 1-13 –Elizabeth Taylor Untitled 1-14 –Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-15 –Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-16 –Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-17 –Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-18 –Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-19 –Jerry Lewis Untitled 1-20 –Peter Sellers Untitled 1-21 –Jonathan Winters Untitled 1-22 –Richard Pryor Untitled 1-23 –Marlon Brando Untitled 1-24 –Lionel Barrymore Untitled 1-25 –Don Messick / June Foray Untitled 1-26 –Tom Brokaw Untitled 1-27 –Mike Tyson Untitled 1-28 –Rich "Goose" Gossage Untitled 1-29 –ABC Announcers Untitled 1-30 –Earl Weaver Untitled 1-31 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-32 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-33 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-34 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-35 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-36 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-37 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-38 –Tommy Lasorda Untitled 1-39 –Lee Elia Untitled 1-40 –Lee Elia Untitled Disc Two2-1 –Bing Crosby Untitled 2-2 –Bing Crosby Untitled 2-3 –Bing Crosby Untitled 2-4 –Billie Holiday Untitled 2-5 –Billie Holiday Untitled 2-6 –Julie London Untitled 2-7 –Ray Charles Untitled 2-8 –Ray Charles Untitled 2-9 –Buddy Rich Untitled 2-10 –Buddy Rich Untitled 2-11 –Buddy Rich Untitled 2-12 –Buddy Rich Untitled 2-13 –Freddie Hubbard Untitled 2-14 –Sammy Davis Jr. / Frank Sinatra / Dean Martin Untitled 2-15 –The Troggs Untitled 2-16 –The Beach Boys Untitled 2-17 –Elvis Presley Untitled 2-18 –Elvis Presley Untitled 2-19 –Casey Kasem Untitled 2-20 –Casey Kasem Untitled 2-21 –Barry White Untitled 2-22 –Paul Anka Untitled 2-23 –Sky Saxon Untitled. Cover and discs are MINT.
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    - (M/M/M) - $9.99- Order

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